Hey, I’m Alex Easey, obviously, my name is plastered everywhere on this site.

So I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself this website, and its namesake, you know, the whole “from the back-country to a bachelors” thing. Currently I’m a student at Thompson Rivers University, studying interdisciplinary studies. Technically my degree will say “Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies with A Concentration In Adventure Therapy” but that’s a little long winded to write or read continuously, so, if you give me just a couple minutes, indulge me, let me tell you a quick story about how I managed to grow up in a city, fall in love with the woods, and end up moving across the country to pursue a career doing what I’m passionate about.

I grew up in Toronto, Ontario, or just beside it in Pickering if you’re from Toronto or Ontario. Despite growing up in the suburbs beside what is arguably the greatest city in North America, my biggest pastime was actually camping, my dad started taking me camping when I was very young, diapers young, and I sort of just never stopped going. I ended getting deeper into the world of the outdoors very slowly actually, starting really low, eventually graduating high school with a “Specialist High Skills Major” in the environment, which really meant I had taken three outdoor ed classes instead of something like gym or math.

While I love the city, enough to get a tattoo of the CN Tower (look it up later), it had never made me feel like the wilderness did, I think anyone who loves the woods understands the feeling I mean. The wilderness really became my escape and sense of peace, and after wasting away in a dead end job for two years, constantly escaping to the wilderness to get that feeling of escape and weight being lifted, something finally clicked, and I decided that it was time to try and make a career out of my passion.

This led me to getting my Diploma in Outdoor Education at Fleming College, where I deepened my passion for the wilderness while learning how to properly do all the things I had been doing for years, and it was here where, for the second time in a couple years, something clicked, and I realized not only how possible it was to make a career out of my passion, but also gave me a new passion in teaching me about adventure therapy. This is where things took off, I had adventure therapy on the brain, and I still do honestly, which led me to Thompson Rivers, so I could get a degree in something so new and so specific that most have no idea what it is.

That was accidentally a beautiful segue into why this site exists in the first place, beyond a monument to my own narcissism, this site is the approximation of me as a student, researcher, and prospective thesis researcher. This site has a multitude of information on my thesis work, past other work, as well as professional past, and a bunch of cool pictures, just a lot of stuff really.